Two years ago it would be nothing for me to just hop in my car and head to the grocery store. Hop out, grab a shopping cart and knock out the grocery list. Now a days, it's more like getting myself ready plus one! I have to make sure I equip the diaper bag to prevent the inevitable baby disaster, load the baby into the car, buckle him up for safety and drive two miles an hour to the store due to precious cargo in the back seat!

A trip to the grocery store has gone from a mindless task to a tediously orchestrated event. Besides all of that… I wouldn’t give these adventures up for anything in this world. I know each day will be a challenge but what matters is handling the task in the best way you can and not allowing yourself to be defeated. IT’S A DIRTY JOB BUT MOMMA HAS TO DO IT ;)

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I want my little man to look like a little man

Okay so I have a bone to pick. I get so frustrated when I am trying to find an outfit for my little boy. I walk into a store and I see tons of cute stuff for little girls, don’t get me wrong I love all the little outfits for little girls. I find myself getting distracted looking at skirts and little dresses then reality kicks in; I don’t have a little girl. I go over to the boys section and it’s a total joke. Who dresses their little boys like this? So is the assumption that boys are going to be playing with dinosaurs and trucks, so that’s what we should put on their T-shirts.
When I look at the girls section their styles are cute and hip, stuff that I could picture myself wearing. Then I look at the boys section and there is no comparison. Ladies think about your man; if you have a good looking man or a stylish man would you really want him running around with you in a dinosaur shirt? No! It seems as if designers are missing the ball when it comes to boys clothing.
I am really not a fan of cartoons on T-shirts; I think that they should be reserved for T.V. shows and toys not on my son’s clothing. I would love to see some T-shirts with cool prints and cute sayings like “sorry ladies I only date models” or “I'm with the band”. I would like to see some layering options; a nice button down shirt over a cool tee or a nice long sleeve shirt to go under a tee. I'm not saying that these options or not out there but its like going on a treasure hunt to find them.
If you do want something more for your little man you have to go to planet funk or a similar store. I walk in there and feel like a kid in a candy store until I look at the prices. I refuse to pay a hundred dollars for a pair of pants or twenty dollars for a cute tee. My jeans cost a hundred dollars and I don’t mind paying it because I know I will be able to wear them for years to come. My son is growing so fast he doesn’t keep a pair of jeans or a t-shirt for more than three months. It is just a waste of money and I can’t afford to throw away money especially the way the economy is looking.
So designers if you are out there please come up with a solution. If you can’t then I may have too. Is there anyone out there looking to go into business for boys clothing? I’m just kidding partially. I just want my little man to look like a little man and I am not trying to give up my car to make it happen.


  1. AlwaysWearCleanUnderwear said...

    Well I just wanted to let you know that I shop at costco from time to time and come across all kinds of cute stuff... Just another option I shar your frustration

  2. boys newborn pants said...

    I myself always end up buying online for better range of designs.

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